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Hello and thanks for stopping by this
Web site.  Some of you may have stopped
by after reading or having  heard about
our children Christian book:  
Word Is Cool
!  This book was put together
with love and specifically designed to get
the attention of children ages
5-12.  With
an interactive format the book allows
children an opportunity to
themselves through writing or drawing
We use everyday situations that children
can understand to bring out biblical
truth/values.  A unique feature in the
book is the testimony that the young
co-author gives.  We allow space for the
child going through this book to give
their testimony of how God helped with
something in their lives.  Testimonies are
good for sharing and encouraging others.  
Our prayer is that this book will help
young children to have a love for reading
God's Word the Bible.     

We appreciate the comments of
guardians, teachers and other caring
who have gone through this book
with the children.  
We highly value your
.  A special thank you to those
who have taken the time to give us
 If you would like to leave your
comment please click on the "Contact Us"
button above and let us know your
opinion of the book.    

Our goal is to always bring wholesome
products to the marketplace.  We pray
the book has been a blessing to you and
the children.  

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