GWICTM Products
(God's Word Is Cool!TM)

For book orders of "
10" or more you
can place your order direct with us.  
Additionally you can place large
quantity book orders with other
retailers who sale our book.  

With the publishing of the book
©GOD'S WORD IS COOL! we have
associated products.  We have a
specially designed
bookmark based
on the book.  We also have
that come in youth and adult sizes
and we have
caps.  All of the items
have been designed with much love
and care to be effective ways to  
witness without being overbearing.  
There is a minimum limit on each
item to place an order with us.  The
limits are as follows:          
10 books,
5 packs of bookmarks, 12 t-shirts
12 caps.

If you would like to get further  
information about these products
please click link below.

For your convenience we accept  
MasterCard and Visa credit cards
MasterCard and Visa debit
cards.  We also accept
and Checks.  (Check must
clear bank before your order is
submitted in our system.)

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